So tired …

Don't bother me! I've only had 22 hours of sleep today!

Don’t bother me! I’ve only had 22 hours of sleep today!

It never ceases to amaze me how I can be so incredibly tired after days off. Of course, with the holidays this month, it should be no surprise at all. And yet …

I returned to work Friday for a day of craziness, trying to squeeze in time to edit all the columns and letters needed while trying to read loads of proofs and a week’s worth of emails. Returning to work on a Friday? Always a bad idea.

And today was little better, with  more catching up to do. Now I’m sitting at home, nursing a spasming back while trying to keep an insane but adorable cat from crawling all over me and avoiding editing some letters.

These are the days when a good laugh is needed. I’m too tired to be original, though, so all I can do is give you this. Giggle well, my friends …


3 thoughts on “So tired …

  1. One of my tenets of life is that I am never too busy to pet a kitty: the premise is that they know better how life is done than I do and I should pay attention when they call me away from whatever I am doing, particularly work.


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