Thankful …

I'm far from the only weird one.

I’m far from the only weird one.

Though I’m far away from my family right now (wait … that might be a good thing …), there’s a lot to be thankful for.

I’m thankful, most of all, that I have wonderfully goofy family and friends … who haven’t killed me yet.

What makes you think I'm up to something?

What makes you think I’m up to something?

I’m especially thankful for my mom, who is the warmest, sweetest, goofiest person I know.


Is this regal enough?

I’m thankful that I live with the most beautiful cat in the world, with the goofiest personality and baddest attitude … who hasn’t killed me yet.

Hell, I’m thankful to be alive … and relatively sane most days.

I’m thankful to live in a world that welcomes the offbeat humor of people like Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Steven Wright … but not Carrot Top. That’s just embarrassing, people (and kinda creepy now).

I’m thankful to have a job that I love (most days, anyway), with co-workers that can make the bad days bearable (and quite often hilarious).

I’m thankful to have my health, such as it is, because I know there are people a lot worse off than me.

These blankets are mine ... no, I don't know what you're gonna use, but it won't be my blankets.

These blankets are mine … no, I don’t know what you’re gonna use, but it won’t be my blankets.

I’m thankful that I’m cuddled up in a warm bed right now with a stupendously fuzzy boy … because it’s freakin’ cold outside right now.

Now move over and let me have a blanket … please?????

I’m thankful for Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams (what an uninteresting world it would be without them).

Yep, I’m a big ol’ nerd. C’mon … quippy vampire slayers!!! Karl Urban!!! Nathan Fillion!!!! SPACE COWBOYS!!!

Shiny. Image from HuffPostTV.

Shiny. Image from HuffPostTV.

I’m thankful that I hate crowds so I won’t be risking my life and the few shreds of sanity I have left trying to beat someone to the last whatever-the-hell-it-is today or tomorrow. That’s what the Internet’s for, people!

I’m thankful for people who believe everything they hear or read without checking if it’s true because they give me something to write about and are an endless source of amusement (and they have no idea why!). 🙂

I’m thankful I don’t have to talk down to my readers because they are, of course, exceedingly intelligent and discerning. And open to blatant flattery.


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