The beast awakens …

What? Why not talk about me? I'm delightful!

What? Why not talk about me? I’m delightful!

But enough about Luke. That cat’s head is big enough already; he doesn’t need any more press right now. Besides, he’s still pissed that I laughed when he gave me a “‘sup” nod the other day. At least it wasn’t “Whaasup!”


I’m back finally after a week and a half of hell … scrambling in the shutdown aftermath to get the page done each day while dealing with a few particularly rude people, and then my friend and co-worker Steph had to deal with the death of her mother.

Even when you know it’s coming, dealing with the death of someone so close to you is still wrenching, and Steph has had it rough over the last week between dealing with the death itself, other family members, and money issues.

On the bright side, we took up a collection in the newsroom to help her cover her costs (which included the loss of several hours of pay once her vacation time expired the day her mom died), and managed to get nearly $600, which in a room full of people who don’t get paid the big bucks is pretty amazing.

When she returned to work yesterday, she was shocked that so many people contributed, and kept saying she wasn’t worthy. Nope, Steph, you’re more than worthy. 🙂


Yesterday I published a column I wrote about the differences between fact and opinion (as well as the need for more intellectual curiosity and civility in discourse), and for the most part it was met with good reviews.

But of course, you can’t please everyone, which always reminds me of a story one of my college instructors told in class one day. free-vector-old-television-clip-art_116169_Old_Television_clip_art_medium

He was working in engineering at a TV station on a weekend when he answered the phone and got an earful from a woman who was highly offended by what the station was broadcasting. After listening to her, he told her: “Ma’am, there’s a knob on your TV that can be tuned to another channel or turned off. It’s your choice.”

A bit rude, yes, but it makes the point.


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