Calling Dr. Luke …

I prescribe one 18-pound cat on your chest, three times a day. You'll be better in no time!

I prescribe one 18-pound cat on your chest, three times a day. You’ll be better in no time!

Sitting here with a hellacious cold right now and abandoned by Dr. Luke, who has decided to sulk in front of the fridge because I didn’t want 18 pounds on my chest while laboring to breathe.

I’m sure, though, that he would probably say he’s just worried about my colleague, fellow blogger and friend Cathy Frye, who remains stable in an El Paso hospital at last check after getting lost for several days at Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas.

The story of Cathy’s ill-fated trip has now even made the national media, from  ABC News to The Washington Post to Latino Post, as well as our own paper, of course (though it’s behind a pay wall).

Why? I wish I could say that it’s primarily about concern for the award-winning reporter and her award-winning photographer hubby Rick McFarland, who could have died out there after several days with no food and little water. But no, my money is on the shutdown angle.

Cathy Frye, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Cathy Frye, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Rick McFarland, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Rick McFarland, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


Cathy and Rick were married at Big Bend National Park and go back every year. Unfortunately, this time the government shutdown intervened and the two were sent packing when the park closed. The state park was recommended to them and a map provided, but they soon became lost.

Rick, after Cathy told him to go on because she was too exhausted, eventually found his way back to their truck and help, but Cathy wasn’t there when he returned with a ranger.

After about two days alone in the wilderness and a search involving 37 people, Cathy was found yesterday, dehydrated, bruised and scratched but alive, and was airlifted out.

Things like this make my cold nothing more than an annoyance. Cathy  and Rick could have died. I’m just congested, sore and crabby. I think Cathy might find that preferable right now.

Perhaps I should send Dr. Luke to El Paso for a consult and some fuzzy-belly therapy. Couldn’t hurt!


Fuzzy-belly therapy? I'm ready and on-call!

Fuzzy-belly therapy? I’m ready and on-call!

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