Now I’m a Sudo wrestler …


I run into misspellings all the time, some of which have threatened my life; I always seem to find the funniest ones when I’m eating or drinking. If I die as a result of food aspiration, I think we all know why.

I occasionally see some whoppers on  signs or elsewhere, but the ones I see in emails easily top them. (And in ads? Nope, not buying that product.)

It's "sell," numb-nuts.

It’s “sell,” numb-nuts.

The danger today? Sudo justice. Really. And not even the Japan Supreme Court Justice Sudo, or the computer program.


Sudo (Photo credit: The Bees)

Or even this cute cat.

(Please don’t tell Luke that another cat made an appearance here. He’ll kill me.)

And the writer misspelled his own name too. This is why people sometimes hear snorts coming from my office.

Phonetic spelling just might be the death of me. Far too many sudo-intellectuals are out there (or is that their?).


Want more bad spelling? Go here. Or here. Or here.


And just because it cracks me up, my favorite church sign. (I think the reason’s obvious.) 😉

Photo from

Photo from


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