Just chillin’ …

Tomorrow I head back to work, so today Luke and I are just chillin’ out in the air conditioning and resting our weary bones.

I'm too tired to move ... you don't need to close this door anyway, so go away.

I’m too tired to move … you don’t need to close this door anyway, so go away.

I took last week off so I could rest, and then drive up to be with my mom for her latest oncology appointment; everything’s still the same, so no drama there, and the next one’s in three months. Ordinarily, we’d go out more than we did (though not much more), but because it’s been so hot, we pretty much stayed in, talked, watched TV, tortured Luke with the laser pointer, etc.

I worked some more on Nanny’s sewing room … more than Mom wanted … she kept coming in to remind me to rest, but when my OCD kicks up, it’s hard to stop. I ended up organizing all her thread (easily 100 spools or more) by color, cleaning out the corner and the hanging baskets that Nanny couldn’t possibly have reached the way they were set up, tossing unusable stuff away, and creating at least six square feet more of usable space. Doing that here? Too tired. And now I need more rest.

The Galloping Goofball made only a couple of appearances, one of which was heard but not seen (rotten cat). He, like us, apparently decided it was too hot for such shenanigans.

birdy_He did, though, make some time for birdwatching and the occasional caregiving for Grandma.

Really, the whole state should just take August off because it’s usually so miserable (and this is coming from someone who wouldn’t dream of living elsewhere). Several years back, there was talk of doing an Arkansas music festival sorta like Memphis in May, but considering that April in Arkansas is usually far too damp and August in Arkansas can be like hanging out in an oven, the idea died a deserved death.

Air-conditioned Arkansas … THAT i could get behind! Now where did I put that ice cream?

Photo from Chow.com.

Photo from Chow.com.


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