A week at sea …

No Internet for a week, and you STILL ignore me??! This shall not go unpunished ...

No Internet for a week, and you STILL ignore me??! This shall not go unpunished …

… or, more accurately, a week with no home Internet, which certainly made me feel a bit at sea (confused, cranky and nauseated, mostly). Basically, Monday.

My neighborhood had a power outage last Sunday, and I just happened to be on the Web when it happened, so I wasn’t able to get the connection back no matter how hard I tried. I really didn’t want to have to call a repairman (yep, I’m cheap), so it took till now for me to find the solution that actually worked (which was, basically, fooling the browser into thinking there wasn’t a problem in the first place … though I could have sworn I’d already tried that).

I had Internet at work, but there were things I really didn’t want to do there (like order a pair of pants), and I couldn’t check my email there. I could check the email on my cheap little mini-tab, but since the WiFi wasn’t working, I couldn’t respond.

Those of you who know how OCD I can be know where this is going.

No, I can't figure out why it won't work, either. Now go away.

No, I can’t figure out why it won’t work, either. Now go away.

Sure, I couldn’t surf or shop online (the great deal I was getting on some much-needed clothes disappeared with the lost connection … grrr …), but that didn’t mean I couldn’t keep retrying all the solutions that didn’t work, including unplugging and replugging all the cords, restarting the modem, etc., etc., and so on nigh unto infinity … or working every desktop puzzle I have on the computer … or playing solitaire until my eyes crossed because the computer MUST BE ON, DAMMIT! What was that thing about the definition of insanity?

Lord have Murray.


It also meant I couldn’t post about Club for Growth … uh … Tom Cotton’s entry into the Senate race last Tuesday, so I inflicted my railings upon my friends and family … at least the ones who didn’t run away … and these are the ones who feel the same way about him that I do.

Tom Cotton. Photo credit: Magnolia Reporter.

Tom Cotton. Photo credit: Magnolia Reporter.

Honestly, last Tuesday, my TV was in danger of being flung out the window when I stupidly kept the channel on a news story about his announcement and he just felt the need to parrot the same insane diatribes found commonly everywhere far-right-wing fanatics gather.

(I must make clear that I don’t mean that this is all Republicans … there are still a few in control of their faculties who will listen to reason and actually act in the best interests of the people, not special-interest groups, but sadly, they’re being drowned out by the crazies. Compromise is not a dirty word, people … everyone can’t get all that they want, unless you’re a community of one.)

Hmmm … maybe that was a good thing that I couldn’t post … foaming at the mouth is not attractive on anyone.


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