this morning’s letter

He’s apparently been in my head, and that’s a scary place. Lord, the idiots are everywhere; it’s proof that God watches out for dumbass drivers. 😛

The Matticus Kingdom

To the driver of the red Camry,

Two lanes converged in the strawberry fields, and you are an idiot.

The fog lay across the land in airy wisps, clinging to a crag there, settled into a gully there, but the roads were blessedly free.  There were plenty of cars around us, which is normal for every morning as the field workers rush to reach their day’s destination before the sun rises.  We all get backed up at the stoplights.  We all crawl along at a snails pace.

The road shrinking doesn’t help.  There are too many people out there at that hour, and there is no way all those cars coming together and funneling from two lanes down to one lane can cause anything other than gridlock.  This is known.  This is the way it is and must be.

So, what do I do?  I try to alleviate some of…

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