I’ve been feeling really bad for the past couple of weeks, partly because I haven’t gotten nearly the amount of sleep I need, which helps ratchet up the IBS to fun new levels. Yep, only stepped outside twice this past weekend, and even that was too much.

My right knee, which has been feeling creaky since about Thursday has now decided to stiffen up as much as possible. Mom’s left knee has been doing the same, but she’s in good spirits for the moment because her doc finally released her from the boot that was on her right leg to protect her carved-upon foot, which means she FINALLY gets to take a shower (woo hoo!).
Yep, it was a craptastic weekend, and the week looks to be more of the same. So here’s what I plan to do:


Shhhhh. I'm trying to get my beauty sleep, ya know.

Shhhhh. I’m trying to get my beauty sleep, ya know.

Let my curiosity roam free.

Hey! Whatcga doin.? Is it something for ,me? Can I see it pleasepleasrplease!!!???

Hey! Whatcha doin? Is it something for me? Can I see it pleasepleaseplease!!!???

Laugh till I can’t laugh anymore.   No Monty Python? C'mon, how about some dirty vicar or dead parrot?

No Monty Python? C’mon, how about some dirty vicar or dead parrot?
I'm far from the only weird one.

I’m far from the only weird one.

And most important, I’ll laugh at myself, my weirdness and my ability to find the humor in just about anything, which in my life is essential. Between dealing with cranky letter-writers, overbearing submitters, sloppy work from co-workers … yeah, I have a lot of reasons to fill my office with not only peaceful nature shots, but with goofy things in keeping with my sense of humor (duck butt, Luke as Lassie, a flying pig and a blind squirrel with a nut).

Sometimes, it’s the insanity that keeps you sane … and the thought that you can single-handedly double the number of search results on Google and Bing of the phrase “flaming pork butts.” stinky

It’s the little things, ya know.


Hey, wanna help name our blind squirrel mascot for the Voices page? I promise I’ll post some pics of it soon … we’ve just gotta figure out how to attach the nut without gluing or sewing.

My grandma, who died last January of bladder cancer, was a prolific crocheter before the dementia started really taking hold. Probably everyone in Dayton has at least one of her potholders. At one time she crocheted and stuffed a lot of animals and weird characters, and we  found the squirrel, complete except for its missing.eyes, not long after she had been sent to the nursing home. I think you can figure out why Steph and I decided he needed a job.

So, if you’d like to have a hand in our office weirdness, please make your suggestions. We’ll take them very seriously … or at least as seriously as one can take naming  a stuffed squirrel.


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