Tuckered out …

That’s Southern for “I’m freakin’ tired!”

Got home this afternoon from a weekend trip to see Mom and take care of her (unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot done for her, but did do some cleaning and cooking so she could stay off her feet and rest the foot that was carved on last week).

Luke was along, of course, to dote on her (did) and provide entertainment a la Galloping Goofball (didn’t really, even with the help of the laser pointer).

Hey! I'm tryin' to sleep here!

Hey! I’m tryin’ to sleep here!

Now he’s stretched out in the back room resting up from his apparently very stressful car ride home (wuss puss).


So … until I get rested up (just in time for work tomorrow, natch), a few images I’ve had way too much fun adding captions to …
Pretty sure I’ll have to watch out for anything wet and squishy in the bed tonight … miceguts
Yep, those are my brothers … Corey looks a little scared of whatever Kevin might have done, and possibly of Mitch, who looks to be the enforcer.
Please, PLEASE let it just be water!
Yeah, Corey’s always been a big storyteller.

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