Callin’ all my Arkies …

English: The skyline of Little Rock, Arkansas ...

English: The skyline of Little Rock, Arkansas viewed from the north bank of the Arkansas River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, all —

For any Arkies reading this, please feel free to drop a letter to the editor to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This happens at least a few times a year: At the moment, we’re in a wee bit of a lull thanks to graduation/summer vacation season starting (it’s like people are actually concentrating on life or something <G>), and of what we’re getting, too much of it repeats the same questionable/wrong “facts” and talking points of certain political parties and/or “truth” from the Internet, so we end up having to scrap them. Yes, we do fact-check letters when things are stated as fact, which I wish more publications did.

Just about any subject is open for debate in the letters (and most everything but guns, abortion and religion in the longer 600- to 800-word guest columns), but we ask that you be civil — calling someone with whom you disagree an idiot won’t fly on my page.

Our policy, stated on the page:

  1. The Democrat-Gazette welcomes your opinions. Unfortunately, not all letters received can be published or acknowledged. Clarity, brevity and originality are particularly valued in letters to the editor. All statements of fact are checked for accuracy; letters will be edited and may be republished in all media. Letters and guest columns become the property of the Democrat-Gazette and cannot be returned. No letters from nonresidents, copyrighted material, poetry, form letters, anonymous letters or pseudonyms can be used.
  2. Submit letters of fewer than 250 words to Voices, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, P.O. Box 2221, Little Rock, Ark., 72203; by fax at (501) 372-4765; or via our website, Please sign your letter and include your home address and daytime telephone number for verification.
  3. The contents of the Voices page, including columns and cartoons, do not reflect the opinions of the Democrat-Gazette, which are found only in the editorial column of the Editorial page. The views expressed by columnists are their own.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!



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