Say what?

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock, you’ve heard of Nate Bell by now. The man(?) has a serious need of connecting with humanity. It’s bad enough to politicize a situation like the Boston Marathon bombing, but to “apologize” for the timing, rather than the content of a tweet that should not have been sent by an elected public official, indicates someone so blinded by politics that he should not be in his position.

When someone sticks his foot in his mouth so completely as did Bell (following in the syllables of Mike Huckabee, Jason Rapert and a whole constellation of others born with a silver foot in the mouth), it almost seems cruel to giggle over the schadenfreude. Almost.

For newspaper opinion pages, though, OK, we’re a little bit over the moon any time a politician behaves badly. And tomorrow, yes, will be a very bad day for Mr. Bell, with writers on the opinion pages of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and I’m sure other newspapers, taking shots at him (but with words, infinitely less deadly than an AR-15). John Brummett’s column, especially, is worthy of multiple readings (yep, gratuitous plug).

Aside: I tend to stay away from discussing politics because I don’t like myself when I do. It all boils down to the fact that politics are inherently illogical, which is something that drives me ’round the bend and back again. Public service, on the other hand, is logical. It’s also, sadly, extremely rare.


Yeah, I know you wanna rub my head, but you're gonna have to work for it.

Yeah, I know you wanna rub my head, but you’re gonna have to work for it.

My prescription for the malaise caused by the stupid that politicians do is pretty simple. Pet the cat or the dog.

Love me! Please! And get this sweater off me!

Love me! Please! And get this sweater off me!

Go to the park and breathe in the fresh air (but stay off the pedestrian/bike bridges unless you want to be stressed out by inconsiderate humans). Make funny faces and post the pictures.

Mom, c'mon! Aunt Brenda wouldn't post this pic!

Mom, c’mon! Aunt Brenda wouldn’t post this pic!

Make up some fake quotes to throw back at the people who seem to think that putting words in Thomas Jefferson’s mouth is kosher (because it will confuse them). Go to the lake and watch the duck butts (because it’s impossible to stay angry when faced by the inherent goofiness of a duck butt).


But most of all, unplug from social media, at least for an hour. It won’t kill you, and it just might keep you from tweeting something even more stupid in reply.



3 thoughts on “Say what?

    • That’s oh so true, and a bit disturbing. Got a letter to the editor today just before I left work about our only liberal columnist, and the rant was so over the top, I forwarded it to the columnist so he could have a good laugh, too. It still amazes me (though it shouldn’t) how many people are so entrenched in their beliefs that they can’t fathom anything outside their political realm. Which is a good reason to avoid politics in general.
      Smile and wave … 🙂


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