Aloof, my ass!

People talk about how independent and, hell, stingy with their affection and attention cats are. And yes, that’s true. Luke could give a master’s class in aloof.


Then there are those moments when … my cat becomes a dog.

Take today. I went out to run errands, and on my return, I opened the door to see Luke rolling on the floor, showing his belly … if he wouldn’t think it undignified, he probably would have his tongue hanging out.

And lately, he’s been going beyond the toddler act, pulling on my leg to get my attention. Now when I’m on the phone with my mom, he actually grabs my hand so that I’ll pet him. Sometimes he’s happy with a few scritches. Some days, though, if I move my hand, he grabs it again and won’t let me stop petting him until he’s damn good and ready.

Now I really can’t let him go outside. Lord knows what he’ll do once he catches one of those cars.


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