Serenity now? Please?

**Okay, this post was originally published April 8, but I apparently managed to delete it (yeesh). Here it is again …


This is the kind of day that I’m just glad to have gotten through. I woke up exhausted and nauseous; my IBS has been really kicking up lately, as have been some freaky muscle spasms, so it was inevitable. Luke spent a good part of the night trying to get me up because his food bowl wasn’t full enough or he needed me to open the door to the back room for him so he could stare at squirrels.

I got to work and still wasn’t feeling well, so just put my head down and tried to get as much done as I could and put my page to bed so I could head home and rest (and edit some stuff from home, too). Luke, of course, switched to doctor mode and laid with me in the bed while I rested … at one point he was on my head, and I’d swear he was trying to take my temperature …that, or he wanted to bleed me … for medicinal purposes, of course.

At times like this, I’m so happy that I’ve got my beautiful boy, who’s been part of my life for 9 and a half years. It’s not just the fuzzy belly, pink paw pads and nose and beautiful green eyes. He’s hilarious (usually unintentionally, because, ya know, cats are dignified), and instinctively knows in a room full of people who needs him most. Yes, a lot of the time it’s supposed to be all about him, but when I’m not feeling well, he knows that I need serenity. Right now he’s bogarting it a bit, sitting restfully on the leg that’s not hurting, but I know it’s on his agenda.

I think.



“I said ‘Ta da.’ Show’s over” — Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory


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